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About Us

Ralph Ellis (Co-founder & Executive Director)

Ralph Ellis ,an investor and entrepreneur, is the Co- founder and Executive Director at Goldbondz. Ralph Ellis holds an Executive MBA(EMBA) from London Business School(2006) .

Having Extensive & boundless knowledge in investment, He Associated as Executive Director with Goldbondz in 2020.

Goldondz.com is an investment platform that allows individuals to own physical gold in their own name and without any intermediation, stored securely outside of the banking system.

You will find his analyses of the precious metals markets on this page

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, since launching Goldbondz.com, has been to take advantage of what the Internet has to offer in terms of technology and communications, while maintaining a “back-to-basics” type of investment strategy. This means, a return to tangible assets, no virtual ownership, no intermediation between our clients and their gold, and no exposure to the technological failings of the “all-virtual” and “all-connected” world.

Thus our platform is not connected directly to your physical assets; vault personnel are necessary for movement or operation, which eliminates the risks brought on by the “all-connected” world.

So we developed a sophisticated online platform but made sure that our clients would own 100% of real tangible bars and coins, receive an ownership title edited in their own name, store directly in their own name, sign a contract with our storage partner and have a direct and personal access to the secured vault to check their holdings.

This might be perceived as an "old school" way of investing at a time when everything is virtual, but with the amount of risk and leverage in the financial system we wanted to create for our clients, a "gold ownership service" that removed any exposure to intermediation risks.

Goldbondz.com has been privately financed since its creation by the directors, who are thus directly responsible for managing the operations.

Our clients' confidentiality and privacy are at the core of our business philosophy.


We also provide education to the public about the current monetary/financial system, on why diversification is paramount, and on how precious metals should play an important role in safeguarding your wealth in today's changing world.

Goldbondz.com’s editors are precious metals specialists, each bringing exclusive analyses (geo-political, geo-strategic, technical or economic) that bring big-picture understanding of all the factors contributing to the evolution of the markets.

Our team, with its many years of experience, aims to give investors as much information as possible to help them in taking decisions independently and objectively in the precious metals sector.

We also regularly publish interviews with fund managers and independent specialists and analysts to let our readers and our investing clients further their analyses of the precious metals markets.