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Our Rates

GB Commision

Buying Commision

The sales prices of our bullion products include commissions. These commissions vary from a product to another and are regressive in relation to quantities ordered. The minimum amount for an order is $25,000.

Selling Commision

We commit ourselves to buying back precious metals kept in storage units. Our commission is 1% with a minimum of $75.

Storage Fees


Quantity Stored Storage Fees * Storage Account Maintenece fees *
If the storage value is less then $20 1,5% $125
UP TO $49 OZ 1,3% @OFFERED
UP TO $50 OZ 1,2% @OFFERED
UP TO $100 OZ 1,5% @OFFERED
UP TO $300 OZ 1,05% @OFFERED
UP TO $900 OZ 0.75,00% @OFFERED
UP TO $1500 OZ 0.5% @OFFERED
Our Fees Cover
  • Opening and management of storage account in your name with our partner Or company.
  • Secure transportation to the vault.
  • Customs clearance insurance: covered by the insurance of our secure storage partner.
  • Storage of your gold and silver bullion in a secure vault in New York, Toronto, Zurich or Singapore.
  • Sealing of precious metals.
  • Issuance of a certificate of ownership in your name.
  • Reissuance of storage certificate and new sealings after each selling/buying operation.
  • All administrative tasks in relation to the buying, storage and insurance of your precious metals.
Our Billing
  • Storage fees are applied on the total value of your holdings for a given metal.
  • The value of your holdings is based on the spot price at the time of the order or renewal.
  • The storage fees for the first year are invoiced in their entirety at the time of the order.
  • The storage fees for the second year may be invoiced either quarterly or annually, at your choice.
  • Storage invoices are issued at the start of each quarter or year.
  • Storage account maintenance fees are applied if the total value of precious metals stored in a given vault is less than $20,000.